What You Need to Know About Quick Car Finance

The founding brothers of Quick Car Finance are dyslexic. They are also joint chief executives. They set up the company in Bournemouth last year and arranged PS92 million worth of car finance for customers. In addition to the Bournemouth office, Quick Car Finance also has a branch in Manchester, UK. Iain and Paul Williams, co-founders of Quick Car Finance, are a proud pair. The two have a friendly office environment with couches and dogs, and aim to make car finance as easy as possible.

The company offers two different loan types. One is PCP, and the other is hire purchase. Hire purchase is a form of car finance in which you pay a fixed amount every month until you have paid off the car in full. Its partner lenders offer tiers based on affordability and credit ratings. You can compare tiers and choose the one with the lowest interest rate – there is no commission. The average customer could save PS1,100 over the course of four years with this option.

Quick Car Finance also offers hire purchase and PCP. However, unlike PCP, it forces all buyers to pay the same rate. This company employs over fifteen people and does thorough research into the car finance sector to find relevant niche keywords. It is one of the few companies that offer a bespoke service to their customers. This new partnership with Tudor Lodge Consultants will help Quick Car Finance boost their website’s search engine rankings and improve their SEO strategy.

In addition to this, the company offers an instant car loan. If you want to get an instant approval, make sure you check the legitimacy of the company. Be wary of companies that ask for upfront fees or claim to offer no credit check. In some cases, instant auto loan lenders do conduct hard checks on applicants, which can lower their credit scores. To ensure you get the best deal, make sure to apply to several lenders before making a decision.

Another option for quick car finance is a lease buyout loan. This type of loan is often more convenient and safe. It is an excellent option for people who want to buy a new car and are interested in taking advantage of the lease. In addition to this type of car finance, you can also opt for a lease buyout loan if you are currently leasing a car. However, you need to know that you can’t always pay your loan in full.

If you have bad credit, instant car finance can help you get a vehicle at a competitive price. It can help you avoid the upsell at the dealership because you already know the loan amount. Getting instant car finance can be difficult if you have bad credit, so a down payment of at least 10% is usually recommended. It’s not uncommon for lenders to offer car finance without any money down, but most auto finance providers would advise that you have a larger amount of money to put down.

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