Top 5 Cryptocurrency Games

Crypto game are digital assets that utilize decentralized technology and blockchain to offer players a new gaming experience. Many of these games use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto assets as in-game rewards.

Crypto games differ from traditional ones in that players own the digital assets they earn by playing and can later sell them. This has proved a major attraction of the blockchain space, providing users with an authentic sense of ownership while rewarding them for their time and efforts.


Illuvium is a blockchain-based game that brings together gaming and cryptocurrency. As a play-to-earn title, it rewards users with token rewards for completing quests and tournaments.

ILV is the native token of the Illuvium ecosystem and can be used for in-game rewards, staking on DeFi application and governance functions. With a maximum supply of ten million, it’s available on crypto exchanges.

The game’s gameplay revolves around collecting and customizing NFTs called Illuvials. These NFTs possess affinities and classes which determine their strength in combat. Furthermore, you can combine affinities and classes to create synergies that provide bonuses when used in battle.

NFTs can be traded on external exchange platforms and the gas-free IlluviDEX (more details later). They may also be fused together to form more powerful forms that are rarer than standard NFTs. Illuvium stands out among NFT-collectible games with its fully 3D environment featuring over 100 unique Illuvials scattered throughout the game.

Lost Relics

If you’re searching for an exciting game to play on the Ethereum blockchain, Lost Relics is one of the top choices. It provides a thrilling journey in Talmuth’s land of dungeons and forests.

The game offers a convenient system for storing funds and selling virtual items using NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Players can utilize them to purchase items from other players or the Town, as well as trade them with other gamers.

Earn NFTs by exploring dungeons and searching for treasures. These can be found in chests, dropped by monsters or hidden away within the dungeons.

At present, the game is in Alpha stage and Cliff Cawley – its sole developer – has been adding new content to it every week. Furthermore, he organizes events and activities for the community on a regular basis.

Six Dragons

Six Dragons is a blockchain fantasy RPG that invites players to explore a vast world of 64km2 and battle epic monsters. Running on the Enjin blockchain, Six Dragons allows users to craft items, trade them and collect nft assets with real-world value.

Blockchain technology has enabled most in-game items to become decentralized, giving you full ownership of your game assets. You can freely trade these with other players, sell them for real-world value and utilize them across different game universes.

The game also provides a crafting system, allowing you to craft weapons, armor, potions and other gear from materials found in the world. Furthermore, you can enhance these weapons and items so they gain additional power before selling them on the marketplace.

This game boasts an innovative tokenized ownership governance system that grants you control over in-game assets and a voice in shaping its direction. As a governor, you’ll gain access to an exclusive area of the game as well as additional benefits.

Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play mobile geolocation exploration game that rewards players with cryptocurrency. Players can explore real world areas to unlock vaults containing popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, earning them rewards in the process.

This game utilizes geolocation technology and augmented reality to deliver an immersive experience where you can uncover secrets within your own city. Plus, with team play capabilities, you and your friends can explore together!

As a player, you’ll journey across your area to open blue vaults that contain various crypto-rewards. When opening each vault, you’ll be presented with a trivia question; if answered correctly, the reward will be deposited into your account.

To withdraw your earnings from Coin Hunt World, you’ll need to link it with Uphold – a popular cryptocurrency wallet. But before Uphold can give you access to export your coins, they must first receive some funds.

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