Money Back Review – What Should You Expect?

The number of online scams have skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Frauds and scams were a common occurrence over the internet, but statistics show that the numbers are surging and most of this increase is in the online trading space. If you have ever taken an interest in it, then you are probably aware that online trading and investment scams are quite widespread. They are quite profitable for scammers, due to which they continue to come up with new ones on a routine basis. The reason for their increase is because of the influx of new investors and traders in the financial markets.

Within the last decade, more and more people have stepped into the trading space for trading various assets, including cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the number of forex trading scams, Bitcoin scams and binary options scams have gone up by a significant amount. Online trading can offer excellent potential returns and this attracts people to it, but this also provides opportunities for scammers. No matter how careful you might be, there is a possibility that you may end up signing up on a fake platform or register with a fraud broker and lose your money. This has been happening quite frequently recently because of more people looking to make profits in the online trading space.

For decades, people had no other option but to accept that they had been scammed and then get past it. They could post online about their experience, but there wasn’t any possibility of getting their money back because the scammers were too good at covering their tracks. Hence, an average individual simply didn’t have the capability and there were no authorities they could report the matter to. It was extremely frustrating and disheartening and pushed a lot of people to avoid online trading altogether. But, why should you deprive yourself of the opportunities because of these scammers?

While you may not be able to do anything to prevent these scammers from popping up, you do have the option of not letting them walk away with your hard-earned money. How? As stated earlier, there aren’t any authorities you can turn to for help, but there are services that specialize in helping people get their money back if they have been through an online trading an investment scam. You can do a search and it will show you that there are plenty of these companies that have been established in the last few years because of the increase in the number of scams and frauds.

As there was an increased demand for some assistance in dealing with scams, the concept of fund recovery services was introduced. There are a substantial number of these that have been established and one of them is Money Back. The company was founded in 2017 and has its base location in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is authorized and registered in the country, but it also operates in other areas as well. The company has expanded its operations to other countries for catering to people who have been victims of online trading scams. These include Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada.

If you have been a victim of an online trading and investment scam, you no longer need to give up and believe your money is gone. There is something that can be done and Money Back can help you in this regard. But, if you have not heard of scam recovery services before, you probably don’t know what to expect from them. How do they cater to you? You can find out below:

  • They give you a free consultation

It is perfectly normal for people to feel apprehensive when they are signing up with a new company or service. People who have been scammed are going to feel even more nervous than usual because they have already fallen prey to a fraudulent company and are afraid of falling into the same trap once more. Moreover, it is not easy for everyone to accept that fund recovery is possible in online trading and investment scams because we have been told for years that it is not possible.

To a lot of people, it sounds too good to be true and this makes them quite skeptical. In order to reassure their clients and to give them an opportunity of clearing their doubts, Money Back offers the initial consultation for free. You don’t have to pay a dime to book the first consultation with this fund recovery service in which you will get the chance to interact with the Money Back team. It is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about how they intend to help you in resolving your problem.

During this time, Money Back will ask you to provide details of your case and how you became a scam victim. They may ask for some documentation as well because it will be used to verify your case. You can discuss everything with them, including the chances of you getting your money back. One of the best things about Money Back is that they maintain their integrity when providing their services, so if they believe that they won’t be able to help, they will inform you straight away.

They will definitely not try to string you along and extort money out of you, only to tell you later that your money is gone for good. You can use this free consultation to interact with the staff at Money Back and see if you are comfortable and satisfied with them and want to take the matter forward.

  • They provide information about their employees

It is understood that when you are hiring a company, you are essentially hiring its employees. They are the ones who will be doing all the work for you, which means you need to know how qualified they are and whether they can accomplish the task or not. This is of the utmost importance where fund recovery from scams is concerned because it is no easy task. If it were, people wouldn’t require help of specialists. But, as mentioned before, the scammers are quite savvy and they know how to prevent people from tracking them.

Hence, a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise is needed to go about scam recovery. You can take a look at Money Back itself and will come to know that the company has more than enough experience to deal with your case. They have been providing scam recovery services for more than four years, which means they have dealt with different kinds of online trading and investment scams. They know what they are doing and have established a professional team with the right capabilities to deal with these matters.

If you take a look at their staff, you will come to know that it comprises of the best and most experienced lawyers, accountants and cybercrime and online trading experts. They know what tricks are used by fraudulent brokers and unregulated companies and how to get around them. They are also aware of the laws that can work in your favor and the international banking procedures that are usually involved. Money Back can reach out to financial authorities for assistance as well and also report the companies in question in order to ensure they are unable to do the same again.

You can find details about their employees’ qualifications, backgrounds, achievements, skills and experience on their website. Money Back is very open about who it has hired to help its clients in recovering their SWIFT funds after suffering from an online trading scam. Thus, you will know exactly who will deal with your case and whether they are capable of doing so or not.

  • They offer other services as well

While online trading and investment scam recovery is the primary focus at Money Back, they do offer some other services to their clients as well. You have already been a scam victim and you require help to deal with that situation, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot take other kinds of help. If you don’t want to abandon online trading and investment altogether, you can take advantage of the consultation and recovery services that are provided by Money Back. What do they do here? Before you sign up with any broker or online investment scheme, you can ask Money Back to look into it.

You can consult with their experts and have a discussion with them about the broker you want to use or an investment scheme you want to be a part of. Money Back will take the responsibility of researching the platform, broker or scheme in question to find out if it is regulated and legitimate. They will look for any reports about fraudulent behavior and verify the claims of the platform. In this way, they can help you avoid becoming a victim of another scam in the future. Likewise, Money Back can also help you in financial planning and your taxes.

They have expert accountants on their team who can provide you tips on how to manage your finances and help you in filing your returns. Money Back’s staff can also help you in wealth protection and management, which means they can help you in identifying opportunities to invest to help your wealth grow. They can help you in setting financial goals and then come up with strategies that can help in achieving these goals. They provide fast and effective solutions and don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach at all.

Along with these services, Money Back is also helpful in the case of international banking crimes and report these to the appropriate authorities. This is to help in keeping the economy stable and to prevent fraudsters and cybercriminals from manipulating the market for their benefit. They also act as merchants’ service providers where they store cardholder data on behalf of merchants who do not want to handle that responsibility. This means they are responsible for the security and transmission of data.

  • They do not exploit their clients

One of the most prominent concerns that people may have about fund recovery services is about the charges they will have to incur. How much will you be required to pay to use their services? You have already been scammed and have lost a good portion of your money and you definitely don’t want to waste more. If the scam recovery service is unable to recover your funds, then you will only end up increasing your losses. So, what should you do? Many people don’t hire these services for this reason alone, but you shouldn’t make this mistake.

Money Back does not believe in exploiting its clients, which means its pricing system is extremely reasonable. You don’t have to worry about paying any hefty costs or fees for recovering your funds. First off, you will not have to pay anything to the company until they have recovered the money for you. They charge you commission for their services and this commission is applicable to the amount of money they recover on your behalf. The company has said that their charges will be between 7% and 35%.

Of course, they cannot give you a fixed rate because every scam case is different. The same solution cannot be used for handling all online trading scams and the efforts required for each are also different. Hence, Money Back will come up with the charges based on the complexity of your case. However, the good news for you is that the company is willing to negotiate if you find the costs too high. They are open to negotiation and this means that you will be able to afford their services with ease and don’t have to worry about losing any more money.

It is important to bear in mind that it can take between one and six months for the funds to be recovered. Patience is key here and you need to let Money Back do their job if you want to get your money back.

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