Budgeting Apps and Tools For Crypto Investors

Budgeting apps provide users with a way to easily connect bank accounts, credit cards, brokerage accounts and loans with one another – some offer free versions while others charge monthly fees. We favored budgeting apps that automatically categorize expenses into categories and provide features like bill notifications, account balance notifications and financial goal tracking.

Apps that feature high levels of security were given priority; many offer encryption and follow strict privacy regulations when linking accounts.


Empower is a free financial management app that connects all your checking, savings and credit card accounts together into one central hub. Additionally, it supports 401(k), IRA and mortgage accounts as well. Empower also features spending snapshots and net worth trackers. Compatible with mobile devices (phone, iPad and desktop), it features educational resources as well as advocating proactive zero-based budgeting principles; unfortunately however, no bill payment option or credit score monitoring features are currently offered by Empower.

Data Aggregation allows you to securely link all of your bank accounts, credit cards and investments together in one convenient place. Furthermore, it helps you understand daily cash inflows and outflows to help identify ways of saving money – plus new financial institutions are constantly being added! You should find yours among them soon enough!

Use it to monitor your cryptocurrency investments as well. The platform monitors hundreds of tokens and uses public information for accurate price tracking of each crypto, while manual accounts allow you to integrate cryptocurrency alongside your other investments.


Mint is a well-known budgeting app with both free and paid versions available, the latter featuring most features. Users can pay $4.99 monthly fee to unlock additional features and an ad-free experience. Transactions are automatically categorised and bill payments notified of prioritised; users can track spending patterns as well as set savings goals with ease.

Mint can provide an ideal platform for starting to manage finances, but there are additional services which provide more robust features – the best being available on both iOS and Android phones and allowing users to add multiple accounts and negotiate better offers with creditors.

If you’re considering switching budgeting apps, be sure to carefully read its privacy policies. Some services may use your information for selling financial products or sharing it with their parent companies like Intuit or Credit Karma without your knowledge; this may violate your rights and make it harder to secure your accounts in case of theft.


EveryDollar app provides an accessible budgeting software solution without attempting wealth management or investing, making it ideal for newcomers. There is both a free version with limited features as well as a premium option that syncs transactions directly to your bank account.

Setup for this app is straightforward, taking only 10 minutes or so to set up. Furthermore, its split transaction feature allows you to assign individual expenditures across multiple budget categories; so for instance if you spend $140 at Sam’s Club and $20 at Target you could easily categorize each separately in this app.

Ramsey Solutions, which was established by Dave Ramsey and known for his Baby Steps money management plan and debt snowball method. Their zero-based budgeting model can work well with people who have steady paychecks while it may present more difficulty for those whose pay fluctuates significantly.


Honeydue was created specifically with couples in mind and allows both parties to gain visibility into their finances via an activity log shared between both of them. It automatically syncs accounts such as banks, credit cards, loans, investments to one central location while also tracking and categorizing account transactions and managing bill payment processes.

This app allows partners to set spending limits across categories and notify them when they near their spending thresholds. It also features a calendar where recurring bills can be added and reminded about.

This app doesn’t offer desktop functionality, but can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. With two-factor authentication and encryption for both data in transit and storage, its security features include two-factor authentication as well as encryption of both storage and in transit data. With its impressive 4.5 star ratings on both App Store and Google Play it speaks for itself; however, its lack of savings goal features and rollover functionality may make it hard for couples to stay on top of their spending habits.

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